Day dream

Cariss Auburn (Music Artist)
Software used

This was a competition to remix an Instagram reel for a chance to win £5,000 for Dr.Martens, Team Up On The Track, and grassroots music artist Cariss Auburn. I went one step further and created visuals for the entire track. I then made a condensed version optimised for Instagram to enter into the competition. The video and visuals were inspired by the lyrics and my own memories of visiting Japan. 

The chorus of the track mentions flying to Japan. My idea began life as a magical hot air balloon journey.

The balloon on its own seemed lonely. I had to put someone or something in it. It was then I began developing the dolls and their individual scenes. I Included a scene of an exhibit called ‘Contact’ Cariss has previously spoken about. The girls are taking selfies in front of the exhibit and get told off by security. A touch of humour and I hope the scene resonates with Cariss. I really enjoyed this project and bringing these characters to life. I named the girls Ko, Ke, and Shi. A play on the Japanese name for these dolls, known as Kokeshi Dolls.